La méthode Tomatis

05/10/2015 13:11
La Méthode Tomatis                         Cette méthode a été inventée il y a cinquante ans par le Dr Alfred Tomatis, spécialiste ORL. Il traitait des patients pour dommages auditifs causés par le bruit et  remarqua que ces...

How does it work ?

05/10/2015 21:41
The tools used by the therapists are : An electronic device (the electronic ear) which can filter sounds. Special headphones which enable sound to be transmitted directly to the bones, as it is thought that people hear first through the bones in their ears and then the muscles. A...

Principles of Audio-Psycho-Phonology

05/10/2015 21:50
Over decades of research activity, the ENT specialist Alfred Tomatis demonstrated the primordial role of our auditory organ in human development and the effect of the ability to hear on the way people feel. What is the Tomatis Effect ? Tomatis began his studies and experiments with human hearing...