Learning Difficulties

Date 09/05/2019

Par Theresa Eno

Sujet To whom it may concern

I was recently introduced to the Tomatis method by Ms. Marijo Khardi. As the director of a school I am always on the lookout for new methods to improve the learning of students and to better train staff to work with all types of students. I first met Marijo in April when she invited a colleague and I for a visit.
What was going to be a short visit to learn more about what Tomatis is, turned into a several hour
discussion and informative session on what she does and the positive results she has seen. We were so impressed with what she was doing and her knowledge about how children learn, that we asked her to come present to our staff. She graciously gave a presentation the very next week. I have had very positive reviews from the staff and am very grateful to Marijo for taking time from her busy schedule to share with us. My only regret is that I did not meet Marijo earlier in her stay in Mauritania.
Best Regards,